28 January 2022
“We are exposed to attacks by settlers and the (Israeli) occupation forces almost every day. Even if we call an ambulance, it may be delayed due to the Israeli checkpoints and sometimes it may not arrive at all.” Bara’a Matariyyeh,
04 January 2022
“Being part of caring for the health and wellbeing of another human being is really the highest form of human calling and here it also represents a deep privilege that people trust my services and build a therapeutic alliance with me.
23 December 2021
A few days ahead of Christmas, Elias tries his best to finish the orders: crosses made of olive wood and intricately inlaid with colourful shells of different sizes, silver and wooden plates, Christian motifs designed in mother-of-pearl, miniature hand-carved nativity...
20 December 2021
Since schools closed in February 2020, UNRWA students have been almost exclusively learning from home and recreational and extracurricular activities have remained on hold. With prolonged periods of remote learning, children’s educational experiences and overall well-being...
03 December 2021
“Be ambitious and strong, focus on your abilities and do not be weak. Face all problem with optimism and positivity!” At just 19 years old, Heba Muhammed Ali stared down adversity and took the first step to taking control of her own life.