19 October 2021
When Mona walked into her class to sit for her ninth-grade end-of-year exams at the UNRWA Jaffa School in Neirab Palestine refugee camp in Syria, she was in for a surprise on her desk
17 October 2021
"I lost my seven-month-old baby girl because she had a heart condition It was difficult to afford to follow up with a specialist due to our extreme financial situation.” These are the words of Fadia Taha
14 October 2021
Education is a powerful tool and fundamental in helping every child achieve their full potential. As COVID-19 continues to disrupt education systems worldwide, digital learning has become a new reality and an essential service.
10 October 2021
Sixty-six children were killed in the latest conflict in Gaza and some 113,000 Palestinians were displaced during the 11 devastating days.
05 October 2021
“Seeing my students grow in knowledge, skills and confidence gives me the greatest joy from teaching! When I see them became resilient and productive in their communities, I feel satisfied that I acted as a key to unlock their potential,” said Mohammad al-Laham, a first-...