A student from an UNRWA school in North Gaza is participating in the ‘voluntary day’ held on 4 February 2016. © 2016 UNRWA Photo by Tamer Hamam
17 February 2016
In the spirit of International Volunteer Day, on 4 February, 200 UNRWA students – together with UNRWA counsellors, teachers, their parents and local community leaders – participated in a ‘volunteering day’ activity in North Gaza to promote volunteering among youth in Gaza
© 2015 UNRWA Photo by Shaza Ghadia
01 February 2016
In 2003, in the midst of the second iIntifada, Right To Play (RTP) began operating in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt). Given the clear similarities between the goals of RTP and UNRWA towards creating positive change in the lives of Palestine refugee children and youth, a relationship was quickly formed.
© 2015 UNRWA Photo
20 January 2016
In Syria, Great Britain and Belgium, students in paired classrooms are meeting, discussing, researching and developing a school or community-based advocacy project to highlight the importance of education in their respective locations
A group of students from al-Maghazi Preparatory Girls School B attend an awareness session on early marriage at al-Maghazi WPC. One student, Raghda Abu Ma’liq, explains her point of view during discussions: “Education is really important for us; it’s the tool to achieve a better understanding of things, which at the end will lead to a better future too.” © 2015 UNRWA Photo by Tamer Hamam
08 January 2016
The annual ’16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence Campaign’ led by UN Women concluded in December 2015, but the topic remains relevant all year round. The campaign calls upon activists, governments and United Nations partners to mobilize people and highlight issues relevant to preventing and ending...
© 2015 UNRWA Photo by Mohammad Safi
06 January 2016
UNRWA schools in the West Bank received top awards from the British Council’s prestigious International School Award (ISA) programme for 2015 in recognition of their efforts to bring the wider world into the classroom