UNRWA Photographer Tammer Hamam. © 2016 UNRWA Photo by Rushdi Al Sarraj
16 November 2016
UNRWA Photographer Tamer Hamam believes that “every person has a story, and this story deserves to be remembered”
The 2014 UNRWA/EU Photography Competition People’s Choice winner photo by Khalid Atif Hasan, Gaza.
21 October 2016
The people of Gaza are denied a human standard of living, having to endure chronic fuel and electricity shortages, extreme water pollution and a devastated infrastructure. This was not always the case. Before the imposition of the blockade on the Gaza Strip, it was a...
27-years-old Haneen Atallah is speaking to an UNRWA beneficiary in her home in Beit Hanoun, northern Gaza. © 2016 UNRWA Photo by Rushdi Al-Saraj
17 October 2016
The UNRWA Communications Office in Gaza established a designated Outreach and CwC team that has piloted various projects related to CwC, advocacy, awareness, and outreach campaigns
© 2016 UNRWA Photo by Tamer Hamam
07 October 2016
On the occasion of World Teacher Day, and under the theme of 'empowered teachers and sustainable societies', UNRWA celebrates the progress achieved to date in the Agency’s education reform strategy
(From left to right): Salam Saleh, Itaf al-Kasaji and Safa Saleh from the UNRWA Amir Hassan Preparatory 1 School in Jordan are among the thousands of teachers and educators who have been trained on the Agency’s Human Rights, Conflict Resolution and Tolerance (HRCRT) Education Toolkit, as part of the broader UNRWA Education Reform. © 2016 UNRWA Photo by Viola Bruttomesso
05 October 2016
In the lead-up to World Teachers’ Day, teachers at the UNRWA Amir Hassan Preparatory 1 School in Jordan were asked about their favorite topic to teach. They responded enthusiastically, “Human rights!” Safa Saleh, an UNRWA teacher, works with her students at the UNRWA Amir...