09 June 2023
A thoughtful home modification project developed jointly by UNRWA and UNDP has proven to be life-changing for scores of Palestine refugees in Syria with a disability.
08 June 2023
Ghada Qasem (47) is as busy as a bee working with her team to meet an order received for assembling cardboard boxes for sweets and making paper gift bags at her “Innovation Workshop” in Qazzaz, Damascus. She is one of over 155,000 clients who have benefitted from UNRWA...
26 May 2023
To commemorate the 12th anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami, Palestine Refugee students from four UNRWA schools in the Japan neighborhood of Khan Younis came together to participate in a series of cultural activities in solidarity with Japan.
11 May 2023
I am Leen Al-Masri, a Palestine refugee student from the displaced village of Ajjour. I live in Dheisheh refugee camp, in the city of Bethlehem, the city where Jesus was born. I study at the UNRWA Dheisheh Basic Girls’ School, where my classmates and I do the activities we...
07 March 2023
Sara Abo Ardat is a 29 year-old Palestine refugee living in Saida, Lebanon. A graduate of the UNRWA Siblin Technical and Vocational Training Centre (STC), Sara studied information technology.