25 March 2022
“When Yarmouk was under siege, we took refuge at an UNRWA collective shelter in Jaramana Camp, near Damascus. We stayed there for a year then moved to Hazeh, on the outskirts of the city. I will never forget those painful times,” recalls Um Haytham, a 39-year-old Palestine...
24 March 2022
Layan Al Bairouti, a Palestine refugee student at the UNRWA Baqa’a Preparatory Girls’ School (No.1) in Jordan. Layan entered her environmental awareness video to the UNICEF Environmental Project under the theme “reducing plastic”.
23 March 2022
Hala and Razan are two 14-year-old Palestine refugee students at the UNRWA Dheisheh Basic Girls’ School, in Bethlehem, West Bank. Both have a passion for writing and were encouraged to join the “I am the Narrator” Writing Competition
23 March 2022
In 2017, as hostilities receded in Khan Eshieh camp, Jameeleh and her family decided to move back to their destroyed house.
22 March 2022
Asmaa Muammar, a Palestine refugee teacher at Fukhari Elementary Girls school in Gaza