22 July 2022
7:00 am- Said Lolo walks from a nearby factory building, where he spent the night
04 July 2022
“When I stopped working, I could no longer make the rent I owed the landlord. I heard from people about this area we live in now, and because of the miserable situation, I had no choice but to bring my family here. As you can see, we live in something like a stall. We live...
27 May 2022
“I always wanted to help teachers by enhancing their teaching techniques and to improve students’ experimental skills along with their understanding of science,” says Wissam Abdallah
25 May 2022
The 28th of Ramadan 2021 (10 May) was no different. Muawiyya Wahidi was on his way to open his barbershop in spite of the violence that had already started in Gaza. It would be a decision that would change his life forever.
12 May 2022
Young boys and girls surge into the streets of Yarmouk camp, Damascus. Their happy shouts and laughter celebrate the end of school. Even though Yarmouk lies in ruin, a consequence of conflict in Syria – now entering its eleventh year - the enthusiasm and passion of...