15 August 2023
Life in the Gaza Strip is marked by frequent conflicts and escalating tensions. For Palestine Refugee children living there, family vacations or even attending university in a neighbouring country are nearly impossible.
14 July 2023
For grade nine students, this time of the year – when exam season is knocking at the door – is very stressful, not just for them but for their parents as well. Students are filled with uncertainty about their preparedness for their high school entrance exam. Being the first...
23 June 2023
Nestled in the narrow alleyways of Beach camp in the Gaza Strip stands Nadia al-Laham's modest home. She lives there with her eleven sons and daughters.
14 June 2023
“I don’t feel alive anymore”, says Nasra Sulaiman Ali Saffuri, a 60-year-old Palestine Refugee who fled to Jordan from Syria with her family in 2014.