09 June 2021
"I’m left with nothing, but I’m still alive and that’s enough to start over," said Ramadan Al-Njeli, a Palestine refugee who lives in Gaza.
05 June 2021
Displaced by airstrikes, Palestine refugees are left to seek shelter at UNRWA schools, such as UNRWA Jabalia Preparatory Girls “A” School, locally known as Abu Hussein School, one of around 50 shelters of its kind in the Gaza Strip. These UNRWA schools are designated as...
27 May 2021
Recognizing that education is a human right, one that is fundamental to helping every child achieve their full potential, UNRWA has worked for nearly 70 years to ensure that Palestine refugee children have access to quality education.
07 May 2021
The Bedouin communities of Nabi Samwil and Rashaida have lived through this dilemma since the immergence of COVID-19 in March 2020. To better serve the Palestine refugees hardest hit by access restrictions in the West Bank, UNRWA launched its first mobile clinic initiative...
30 April 2021
Jalazone camp is one of 19 UNRWA Palestine refugee camps in the West Bank. The camp is adjacent to the Israeli settlement of Beit El. Fatima’s school lies just outside the camp boundary, between the camp and settlement, in Israeli controlled ‘Area C’.