© UNRWA/Nader Dagher
26 December 2014
Female entrepreneurs from camps across the West Bank exhibited 3,000 examples of traditional Palestinian products such as embroidery and soap at a bazaar in Nazareth earlier this month, in coordination with the UNRWA Relief and Social Services Programme’s woman’s department...
UNRWA mechanics team. © UNRWA/Dominique Le Grelle
24 December 2014
Often the value of a garbage truck is not apparent until it’s no longer there. Lengthy processes for procuring spare parts from abroad, and the urgency with which vehicles such as garbage trucks are required to be operating in refugee camps in Jordan, has pushed the UNRWA...
Students at Haifa/al-Majdal School in Damascus speak to British students over Skype as part of #myvoicemyschool. November 2014 © UNRWA/Taghrid Mohammad
16 December 2014
This autumn, Palestine refugee students in Damascus, Beirut and Irbid linked up with students in the United Kingdom in the UNRWA school partnership project #myvoicemyschool. As the students got to know each other, they quickly developed friendships that transcended conflict...
The match gets more intense as the green team scores a goal. © UNRWA/Nada Homsi
14 December 2014
The drum beats a battle song as sweaty, energetic UNRWA students face off. The audience looks on, cheering and jumping to the beat, leaning over rails to catch a glimpse of the action.
UNRWA Archives
11 December 2014
Cairo The 24 th Annual Meeting of the League of Arab States Board of Educational Affairs for the Children of Palestine reaffirmed the League’s support for UNRWA education programme. The high-level meeting, held in Cairo on 9-12 November, brought together senior UNRWA...