03 December 2021
“Be ambitious and strong, focus on your abilities and do not be weak. Face all problem with optimism and positivity!” At just 19 years old, Heba Muhammed Ali stared down adversity and took the first step to taking control of her own life.
25 November 2021
This year, the international 16-Days Campaign to end gender-based violence (GBV) is launching under the theme: End all violence against women now! Women all around the world are asking for their right to live in dignity, free of physical, mental or verbal gender-based...
04 November 2021
UNRWA facilities have become a symbol of safety and peace for Palestine refugees in Syria. Survivors of more than ten years of conflict, Palestine refugees need stable, secure spaces where they can gather as a community, develop their hobbies and explore their creativity
19 October 2021
When Mona walked into her class to sit for her ninth-grade end-of-year exams at the UNRWA Jaffa School in Neirab Palestine refugee camp in Syria, she was in for a surprise on her desk
17 October 2021
"I lost my seven-month-old baby girl because she had a heart condition It was difficult to afford to follow up with a specialist due to our extreme financial situation.” These are the words of Fadia Taha