13 September 2020
Israa is originally from Yarmouk refugee camp. Together with her parents and her two brothers, she fled from the camp in 2012. Like thousands of others, the family has been displaced repeatedly in the years that followed.
08 September 2020
“Not only did I come back and repair our home in Ein el Tal, but I also recovered from a stroke! I was told that I might never walk again, but now, I’ve cultivated a garden, even in the face of danger from explosive remnants of war.
14 August 2020
“My sense of belonging to the UNRWA Galilee School is very strong, because I was a student there. This strongly motivated me to participate in this initiative and invite other colleagues to participate in it.
14 August 2020
What happened in Beirut on 4 August felt like an earthquake, ripping the heart of the city apart, even affecting some UNRWA schools
12 August 2020
I was born in 2004 in Nahr al-Bared camp, one of the largest Palestine refugee camps in Lebanon.