02 April 2022
During the month of Ramadan, one shop in Gaza transforms from a small grocery shop into a haven of decorations. The little shop belongs to Ibrahim Abu Jayaab, a 70-year-old Palestine refugee from Maghazi camp in Gaza.
28 March 2022
Enthusiastic and passionate, Hala is a mathematics teacher at the UNRWA Al-Ramleh School in Homs camp, Syria.
27 March 2022
Mariam al-Shaar, head of the Women Programme Association (WPA), a community—based organization in Burj Barajneh Camp, Lebanon guided us through their rooftop garden.
25 March 2022
“My favorite hobby is to memorize the names of the medicines. When I grow up, I want to study to become a doctor!” said Ali.
25 March 2022
“When Yarmouk was under siege, we took refuge at an UNRWA collective shelter in Jaramana Camp, near Damascus. We stayed there for a year then moved to Hazeh, on the outskirts of the city. I will never forget those painful times,” recalls Um Haytham, a 39-year-old Palestine...