05 October 2021
“Seeing my students grow in knowledge, skills and confidence gives me the greatest joy from teaching! When I see them became resilient and productive in their communities, I feel satisfied that I acted as a key to unlock their potential,” said Mohammad al-Laham, a first-...
05 October 2021
“My motto in life is this: I want students to escape to me, not away from me. That’s the kind of teacher I aspire to be and hope that I am.”
14 September 2021
As a Palestine refugee, Suad benefits from the primary health care offered by UNRWA through its health centres all over the Gaza Strip.
10 September 2021
UNRWA has educated well over two and a half million refugee children and is recognized as a significant force for good in the Middle East.
17 August 2021
“The children were so excited and couldn’t wait to sleep in their new bedrooms after years of being cramped in one room,”