18 October 2022
On a sunny day, eight-grade students are sitting in a circle in the courtyard of the UNRWA Palestine school in Alliance, Damascus eagerly identifying qualities they admire in their role model.
12 October 2022
“Today is the best day in my life because today I sent my message of hope to the world.” These were the words of Rahaf, 15. Along with her friends from Gaza, Malak (14) and Yara (13), all three of them Palestine refugees, she travelled to Belfast to meet Magdalena (12) and...
11 October 2022
“We all experience personal challenges or issues in our lives which we deal with by talking to friends or family or handling them by ourselves. However, sometimes, when issues are too much for us to manage on our own, we need to seek support and consultations from a...
06 October 2022
Through the provision of financial services for the low-income and working poor, microfinance lending services are considered to be an efficient tool that assists target groups to rely on themselves economically in order to generate income and improve the livelihoods of...
26 September 2022
The 11-year-long conflict in Syria and humanitarian crisis have left a devastating impact on Syrians and Palestine refugees alike.