Official Statements

23 September 2022
The shipwreck off the coast of Syria late Thursday is simply tragic. The boat had reportedly set off towards Europe on Tuesday from the port of Miniyeh, near Tripoli, Lebanon, carrying between 120 and 170 migrants and refugees, mostly Syrians, Lebanese, and Palestinians...
22 September 2022
In the absence of a political horizon, the future of millions of Palestine refugees is at a crossroads. We are here today, because we all agree that UNRWA plays a unique role in advancing their rights and wellbeing.
19 September 2022
Last year, I met with Maria, a 15-year-old Palestine refugee living in Ein el Helweh camp in Lebanon. She shared with enthusiasm her dream to study at Oxford.
15 September 2022
“I have just completed a visit to Gaza where I met with Palestine refugees who continue to be impacted by a harsh socioeconomic environment and who struggle to recover from repeated conflict over the years.
10 September 2022
UNRWA’s Baccalaureate II students across Lebanon achieved a final score of 95.28 per cent across both rounds. Compared with the results of the first round, the percentage of success increased from 93.60 per cent to 95.28 per cent.