Official Statements

10 May 2022
There are nearly 440,000 Palestine refugees who still live in Syria. Most of them live on less than US$ 2 per day.
23 April 2022
For over seven decades, UNRWA has been the international community’s temporary response to your unresolved plight. The Agency has been your primary advocate and provider of key services through its schools, health centres and various programmes.
22 March 2022
To celebrate International Women’s Day and ensure the full and effective participation and leadership of women, UNRWA officially launches the Women Advisory Forum (Forum) as a safe space for female staff to engage amongst themselves and with the Agency’s senior management.
22 March 2022
The impact of last May conflict in Gaza remains acute on the daily life of the population, the economy and the infrastructure.
26 January 2022
UNRWA West Bank expresses its condolences on the passing of Mr. Fahmi Abdelraouf Hamad, a 57-year-old Palestine refugee from Qalandiya camp who died Monday.