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29 October 2014
Palestine refugees, with a return to their homeland barred to them, feel vulnerable to the core of their being. We are grateful for the hospitality of the governments of Lebanon and of Jordan in hosting respectively over four hundred thousand and two million Palestine...
22 October 2014
UNRWA has been attacked after an Israeli film-maker released a film, “UNRWA goes to war,” alleging that UNRWA promotes anti-Semitism and incitement to violence in its schools. These false accusations have been repeated in various media outlets.
A. Kahel/UNHCR2014
17 October 2014
UNRWA Deputy Commissioner-General Margot Ellis delivered these remarks as part of the ‘Investing in the Future’ Protecting Refugee Children in the Middle East and North Africa High-Level Panel: Towards Better Protection of Refugee Children and Adolescents in the Middle East...
File photograph/Middle East Eye
03 October 2014
UNRWA is deeply concerned by a severe shortage of clean water in Yarmouk. Since the first week of September, the mains water supply has been disrupted, apparently as a result of damage to pipes in a contested area inside Yarmouk. Drought conditions have forced Yarmouk’s 18,...
03 October 2014
UNRWA is outraged by the twin bomb attacks on Al Makhzoumi School in Homs on 1 October. The United Nations Secretary-General has also condemned the attack. Initial reports indicate that at least 39 people were killed in the incident, of whom 30 were children. Three...