Official Statements

09 August 2023
Following a week-long suspension of services in Ein El Hilweh due to armed clashes, UNRWA has now resumed its operations within the camp. UNRWA Health Centre II was reopened today and resumed provision of medical care to Palestine Refugee patients
06 August 2023
UNRWA welcomes efforts from all parties concerned in returning the calm to Ein El Hilweh camp, Lebanon, following the armed clashes that took place during the past week. Over the past two days, the Agency had started collecting solid waste from some areas in the camp...
03 August 2023
“Clashes continued in Ein El Hilweh camp last night despite the announcement of a ceasefire. The situation remains very volatile. Four days of violence in the impoverished Ein El Hilweh Palestine refugee camp in South Lebanon, between Palestinian armed actors has left 13...
31 July 2023
”Armed violence continues in the Ein El Hilweh Palestine Refugee camp in southern Lebanon for more than two days impacting civilians including children. Families are fleeing for safety.
06 July 2023
The Israeli military operation of 4-5 July in Jenin was the most intense in over two decades. For many of the camp’s residents it brought back horrific memories from 2002 when the camp witnessed one of the most severe rounds of violence during the second intifada. Families...