Official Statements

11 August 2021
UNRWA) reiterates that its installations are inviolable at all times, as it conducts follow-up risks assessment, through the United Nations Mine Action Service (UNMAS), related to Israeli airstrikes between 13 and 15 May 2021 that damaged several of its premises.
05 August 2021
This week, UN Watch -- an organization with a deep history of unfounded and politically-driven assertions against the Agency -- released a report accusing 22 UNRWA personnel of promoting violence and hate through social media channels.
30 June 2021
"Eleven days of a devastating conflict sent Gaza years back, breaking many lives, livelihoods and dreams. A few weeks ago, I cautioned the UN Security Council against the next round of conflict in the absence of serious efforts for a political breakthrough."
04 June 2021
UNRWA is deeply concerned about actions by parties to the conflict during recent hostilities in Gaza that caused damage to its installations and violated its inviolability and neutrality.
03 June 2021
I am seriously concerned by the gravity and magnitude of the attacks directed against the senior management of UNRWA in the Gaza Strip over the past week, including the assembly of a very large protest in front of the UNRWA Gaza Field Office compound on Monday 31 May 2021