Official Statements

23 November 2020
As of today, I do not yet have sufficient funds to pay November salaries. I was compelled last week to secure an additional 20m Dollar CERF loan – the last one according to Emergency Relief Coordinator Marc Lowcock - to help with cash flow and cover part of the November...
09 November 2020
Dear colleagues, I am writing to share with you an update on the urgency of UNRWA’s financial situation. This year has been an exceptionally difficult year, with the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the subsequent economic and financial downfall and the unpredictable...
16 October 2020
The participants underscored the importance of UNRWA as a critical component for humanitarian relief,
13 October 2020
Food assistance in Gaza is the largest emergency intervention by UNRWA currently supporting 1.14 million Palestine refugees. The uniquely compelling circumstances of living under an economic blockade make such an intervention unavoidable. It is even more necessary as the...
12 October 2020
The agility and ability of UNRWA to adjust the way it operates in response to COVID-19 almost overnight truly impressed me: UNRWA staff shifted to telemedicine, to home delivery of emergency food and medicine, and to distance learning.