Official Statements

24 January 2024
JOINT UN STATEMENT - 24 January 2024 As Palestine faces unprecedented levels of violent conflict and mass displacement, observing this International Day of Education under the theme of ‘ learning for lasting peace’ resonates more deeply than ever. Indeed, both this...
17 January 2024
UNRWA COMMISSIONER GENERAL ENDS FOURTH VISIT TO GAZA SINCE THE WAR STARTED, FROM PHILIPPE LAZZARINI, UNRWA COMMISSIONER GENERAL - "Every time I visit Gaza, I witness how people have sunk further into despair, with the struggle for survival consuming every hour [...]
13 January 2024
FROM UNRWA COMMISSIONER-GENERAL PHILIPPE LAZZARINI -“The massive death, destruction, displacement, hunger, loss, and grief of the last 100 days are staining our shared humanity.
29 December 2023
FROM PHILIPPE LAZZARINI, UNRWA COMMISSIONER GENERAL - “Over the past days, several statements from Israeli officials have insinuated or directly held UNRWA responsible for gaps in aid deliveries in the Gaza Strip. These statements were amplified by Israeli and other...
20 December 2023
Download UNRWA multimedia resources here Video Statement delivered from GENEVA on 19 December 2023 Madam Minister, Mr Director of the Crisis and Support Centre, Ladies and Gentlemen, I am addressing you at the end of a year which brought profound tragedy to Palestine...