Official Statements

16 October 2020
The participants underscored the importance of UNRWA as a critical component for humanitarian relief,
13 October 2020
Food assistance in Gaza is the largest emergency intervention by UNRWA currently supporting 1.14 million Palestine refugees. The uniquely compelling circumstances of living under an economic blockade make such an intervention unavoidable. It is even more necessary as the...
12 October 2020
The agility and ability of UNRWA to adjust the way it operates in response to COVID-19 almost overnight truly impressed me: UNRWA staff shifted to telemedicine, to home delivery of emergency food and medicine, and to distance learning.
05 October 2020
I am writing to you on the occasion of the World Teachers’ Day, to say a very big thank you to all the UNRWA teachers and to those that support them.
09 September 2020
The support of the Arab League and its members is crucial to the Agency in the face of growing political and economic challenges. Palestine refugees should continue to be protected and supported as long as their status remains unchanged.