Comprehensive and continuous support from Islamic Relief USA for Gaza refugees

28 April 2015
A doctor measures the blood pressure of a patient in the Beit Hanoun co-ed ‘C’ Collective Centre. With the new donation received from Islamic Relief USA, UNRWA will be able to increase its provision of primary health care in collective centres. © 2015 UNRWA  Photo by Khalil Adwan.


Since 2013, Islamic Relief USA (IRUSA) has donated US$ 12.6 million to support Palestine refugees in Gaza through UNRWA, enabling the Agency to run services ranging from the distribution of food packages to the provision of milk and snacks for UNRWA students or the disbursement of emergency non-food items such as mattresses, blankets and hygiene kits for internally-displaced persons (IDPs) in UNRWA Collective Centres.

“We are very grateful to have IRUSA as a committed and creative partner, especially in the past three years, where they provided timely and significant financial contributions in support of projects in Gaza,” commented UNRWA Commissioner-General Pierre Krähenbühl on the relationship between the Agency and IRUSA during a meeting with IRUSA Chief Executive Officer Anwar Ahmed Khan on March 17.

IRUSA has substantially increased its support for refugees in Gaza during and since last summer’s armed hostilities, investing in health, education, psychosocial support and water and sanitation projects. At the beginning of 2015, UNRWA received further donations from IRUSA and will be able to implement innovative and essential projects such as a programme to ensure a clean environment in collective centres through the provision of potable and non-potable water. The project includes the installation of wells to provide domestic water in nine UNRWA schools that serve as designated emergency shelters and training for UNRWA staff on emergency maintenance of critical water and sanitation facilities. Furthermore, the contribution will be used to provide IDPs with medicines, to purchase necessary medical equipment for UNRWA health clinics and to conduct health-related awareness and information campaigns.