Press Releases

Khaled Mohammed al-Jalous and his wife Etimad Shukri al-Jalous sign the undertaking for their new home in the Khan Younis Rehousing Project.  © 2015 UNRWA Photo by Khalil Adwan.
03 June 2015
As part of its regular commitment to serving Palestine refugees in Gaza, UNRWA is allocating 449 newly-built housing units in the Khan Younis Rehousing Project to selected refugee families. As of 27 May,
02 June 2015
US$ 744,000 in funding, available for the US$ 500 reintegration grant to replace lost households goods, will reach 1,488 refugee families across the Gaza Strip this week. They will receive assistance via cheque or access the payments through local banks.
01 June 2015
The City Council of Zaragoza has pledged EUR 60,000 (US$ 66,372) in support of the UNRWA Mobile Mental Health Programme for 55 Bedouin communities in the West Bank.
01 June 2015
In response to an exploding type 2 diabetes epidemic, UNRWA is delivering improved health services to millions of Palestine refugees across the Middle East following reforms. New initiatives such as the Family Health Team (FHT) model and a partnership with Microclinic...
An UNRWA social worker assesses the household situation of a Palestine refugee in Gaza.© 2015 UNRWA Photo by Khalil Adwan
01 June 2015
On 31 May, UNRWA restarted poverty assessment home visits in Gaza after a year-long interruption, during which the Agency engaged in intensive efforts to improve the quality, fairness and speed of the process, which serves to determine eligibility for food assistance and...