Commissioner-General appeals for support to enable UNRWA to continue remarkable success

03 June 2016

“The instinct to pioneer and innovate remains strong in UNRWA, and high on the list of our recent achievements are transformations in the classroom,”  UNRWA Commissioner-General Pierre Krähenbühl said in his opening address to the UNRWA Advisory Commission meeting in Amman on 30 May. “We are shifting from rote memorization to critical thinking, and our special curriculum on human rights and tolerance is in every school for every refugee child – including in Gaza and Syria.” 

Another remarkable success has been expanding UNRWA microfinance into the battle-scarred town of Husseinieh in Syria.  “The entrepreneurial spirit of Palestinians helps keep the refugee community alive; it bodes well for local economic recovery and post-conflict reconstruction,” Mr. Krähenbühl said. 

These developments are set in the context of region that is being torn by conflict.  “Institutions of all kinds are being undermined and faith in the international community is weak. Violent extremism has spread far and wide.  I am trying to address the situation of refugee youth, educated but unemployed at high rates, lacking hope in the future,” Mr. Krähenbühl said. “This situation here is grave. UNRWA is alive and strong but another crisis is staring us in the face.  Two crises in one year will be very difficult for the refugees to bear.  We need your support.”