Education Cannot Wait

13 April 2020

UNRWA is delighted to announce that a US$ 1 million contribution from the Education Cannot Wait (ECW) Fund toward its Education In Emergencies programme has just been approved. With the responsibility for 533,000 Palestine refugee students, every day attending its 709 schools, and for 8,000 students of its Vocational Training Centres, UNRWA is working to ensure  that the students are actively benefitting from  self-learning, psychosocial support and health and safety activities at this very challenging time.  Thanks to the much appreciated and timely support of Education Cannot Wait, UNRWA can now work to address some of the immediate needs of this crisis.  This requires new ways of thinking about how best to adapt its renowned Education in Emergencies approach to the restrictions on movement, the limited access to technology of the refugees, the psychosocial impact of the COVID 19 virus on the lives of the students’ community, parents and themselves how to best share messages on keeping safe and limiting transmission.  UNRWA thanks Education Cannot Wait for giving it this opportunity to take into account these new realities to support the students and their families at this worrying time. Watch our video to see how the self-learning programme is experienced by a teacher, a parent and a student from the UNRWA Bahrain Elementary School for Boys (B) in Gaza.