Gaza Seamstress Flourishes Thanks to UNRWA Microfinance Loans. #UNRWAWorks

28 December 2022

Amal Abu Snan from Gaza needed to find a way to support herself and her five children after she divorced her husband. Thanks to a loan she received from UNRWA, she was able to purchase a sewing machine and some materials to start work as a seamstress. Twenty years later she has made a name for herself creating quality dresses and embroidered gowns and is well-respected for her craftsmanship. Today, she is keen to pass on her skills to the next generation. #UNRWAWorks through its microfinance programme to create opportunities for Palestine refugees like Amal to become self-sufficient and achieve a decent standard of living. We thank the US Government for generously funding the Agency’s core activities which make microfinance interventions possible. #UNRWAWorks #PalestineRefugees