Going to school with Abdul Rahman from Yarmouk

23 May 2016

Abdul Rahman and his family, originally Palestine refugees from Yarmouk camp, moved from collective shelter to collective shelter before they found shelter in the UNRWA Damascus Training Centre. He talks about his struggles to keep up with his studies and the alternative schools and safe learning spaces provided by UNRWA that have helped him continue his education even within the context of protracted conflict and repeated displacement. Through its Education in Emergencies (EiE) programme, UNRWA has been actively working to ensure access to quality education for Palestine Refugees affected by the ongoing conflict in Syria, both for children in Syria and for those who have fled to neighboring countries, particularly Lebanon and Jordan. Currently, there are a total of 45,541Palestine refugee students in Syria supported through EiE in 99 schools operated by UNRWA in addition to 21 recreational and eight safe learning spaces.

UNRWA also provides adequate psychosocial support to children enrolled in UNRWA schools.