Innovation at your fingertips - Back to School 2022 in Gaza

30 August 2022

Meet Ghena and Mohammed! He used the platform to teach himself new skills. “I used the Platform for its self-learning cards and videos, and this [helped me] improve my skills and time management.” Ghena also enjoyed the DLP, “I like digital learning because it makes me very tech savvy in technical world. Now I can type faster, get my assignments done quicker, find more supplementary materials and keep learning!” she said. 

The UNRWA Digital Learning Platform (DLP), launched in 2021, provides remote learning resources to more than 550,000 Palestine refugee students like Mohammed and Ghena. This interactive platform is the sole supplementary source of UNRWA learning materials. From tutorials to interactive games and apps, all content on the DLP is designed to UNESCO teaching standards and vetted to provide tailored learning solutions based on student’s location, grade and level.