Meet Mai - Coding Through Blockade

05 December 2022

Mai is a Palestine refugee living in the blockaded Gaza Strip. Diagnosed with muscular dystrophy as a toddler, Mai lost the ability to walk at age 12. She never allowed her health challenges to get in the way of her academic achievements and went on to score 98 per cent in her tawjihi examination, the school-exit exam. In college she majored in Software Engineering and landed a first job with Gaza Sky Geeks and a Google start-ups internship. Now Mai is a Front-end Developer with the innovative UNRWA Information Technology Service Center (ITSC), in partnership with the United Nations International Computing System (UNICC). Against the backdrop of 15 years of blockade in Gaza and chronic high levels of unemployment, at almost 70 per cent for youth, UNRWA ITSC is Gaza’s largest IT employer and provides cutting-edge technological solutions to create job opportunities free of the constraints of the blockade. This International Day of Disabled Persons , we honor Palestine refugees like Mai who follow their dreams no matter the challenge.


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