Message from Sadeel in Jalazone

24 May 2016

Sadeel Nasser is a Palestine refugee student at the UNRWA Jalazone Girls School in the West Bank. She talks about the psychological impact on the students of the tensions between the school and a nearby Israeli settlement which often results in nighttime invasions of the camp by the Israeli security forces (ISF).

Sadeel explains about the role the school plays as a safe space where the girls can freely express themselves and even receive counseling. In the West Bank, the Agency operates 96 schools reaching almost 50,000 students. Palestinian children and youth in the West Bank are exposed to significant violence, especially in refugee camps such as Jalazone in close proximity to ISF bases and illegal Israeli settlements.

UNRWA has undertaken a series of activities seeking to break the cycle of despair by relieving stress and identifying children at risk of violent behaviour or showing serious signs of severe distress.