Return to Nahr el-Bared Camp

21 August 2010

In May 2007, the Nahr el-Bared Palestine refugee camp became the theatre of a violent conflict between the extremist group, Fatah al-Islam and the Lebanese Armed Forces. As a result of the violence, some 27,000 inhabitants of the camp and the adjacent area to the camp were displaced. The camp and the UNRWA compound which housed six schools, a health centre and community centres were destroyed.

Over the past three years, UNRWA has embarked on the unprecedented reconstruction of the camp. In parallel, the Agency is providing vital relief assistance for the 5,333 families temporarily displaced until the reconstruction of the camp is complete. UNRWA provides the displaced Palestinians with temporary housing assistance, food and health support, education and economic recovery.

Nahr el-Bared Camp was established in 1949. It was one of 16 camps administered by UNRWA. By 2007, Nahr el-Bared Camp was one of four camps to be destroyed, but the only one, which - in agreement with of the Government of Lebanon - UNRWA is rebuilding. Overall, there are currently 12 camps across Lebanon administered by UNRWA. These camps are home to Palestinian refugees who left Palestine in 1948 and 1949.