UNRWA schools open in Syria

22 January 2016

On 13 September 2015, UNRWA schools opened in the town of Husseiniyeh just south of Damascus. Husseiniyeh, which is situated about three kilometres from the Qabr Essit Palestinian refugee camp, was home to some 40,000 Palestine refugees before the start of the civil war in Syria and the town has endured intense armed conflict. In March 2015, UNRWA staff were the first humanitarian personnel to enter the area since the summer of 2013.

When tensions started to heighten in Husseiniyeh, Ahmad’s family fled to the protective shelter in Jaramana Camp in Damascus. The eleven-year old Ahmad lived with his family in a rented, unfinished apartment in Jaramana and had to work to help his family.

The family managed to return in time for the start of the school year.
Ahmad, who missed three years of education, is today proud and happy to be back at school, as his family has been able to return to Husseiniyeh.

Palestine refugees have been highly vulnerable to the ongoing conflict, as violence has increasingly enroached upon the Palestine refugee camps. Many have been displaced within Syria, while thousands of others have fled to neighbouring countries, including Lebanon and Jordan.

The situation remains volatile, with numbers and needs constantly changing, but despite the many challenges, UNRWA is continuing its emergency relief, health and education services in Syria. In Lebanon and Jordan, the Agency is also trying to provide for the needs of those fleeing the conflict.