UNRWA student parliamentarians help fight COVID-19

06 August 2020

UNRWA student parliamentarians help fight COVID-19’, is an awareness-raising, animated, video developed by the UNRWA education team to raise the awareness of COVID-19 and how to prevent its transmission.

The video focuses on key COVID-19 health-related messages: respiratory hygiene, washing hands properly, social distancing, and the importance of eating healthily to enhance immunity. These health messages are presented in a child-friendly way, through a story of an UNRWA School Parliament which works to raise awareness of COVID-19 in their school and the camp the live in.

In UNRWA, since 2001, School Parliaments have been a key component of its Human Rights, Conflict Resolution, and Tolerance (HRCRT) education programme. School Parliaments provide a platform for Palestine refugee students to interact together and to see how best they can give voice to all the children in the school to explore issues, identify school and community priorities and promote good citizenship and support their community.

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