UNRWA Works to Provide Palestine Refugee Youth in Gaza Access to Psychosocial Support

23 December 2022

This past summer, UNRWA served more than 120,000 Palestine refugee youth in Gaza through its Summer Fun Weeks programme. Our camp counselors were at the center of service delivery across our 83 different locations in the blockaded Strip. An UNRWA survey conducted after the May 2021 hostilities in Gaza found that some 42 per cent of children were in need of psychosocial support - a result of multiple rounds of hostilities. One year later that figure was still a staggering 35 per cent. With the help of our dedicated mental health counselors, #UNRWAWorks to provide each and every child in need of psychosocial support the care they deserve.  UNRWA thanks the US Government for generously funding the Agency’s core activities which makes the mental health and psychosocial interventions in Gaza, including the Gaza Summer Fun Weeks, possible.