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Bring people together by hosting an event so that they can also show that they stand #ForPalestineRefugees and that #DignityIsPriceless. 

Types of events

There are many types of events, you could consider one of the following:

  • An Iftar dinner, download our toolkit for ideas
  • concert/group activity
  • A shared meal with music and discussion
  • lecture/talk on the plight of refugees
  • A gathering of student organizations and networks at your school or university. 
  • A gathering of friends, a game night, a movie night. 

*Post your events on social media using the #DignityIsPriceless hashtag. 
*In all events encourage your network to like and follow UNRWA on social media.

National committees

If you are considering fundraising in the USA or Spain / EU, then check out our National Committees page. They have plenty of resources available to help guide you.

Transferring your fundraising to UNRWA

Transferring your fundraising to UNRWA is as easy as going to our donate page and donating using the online form or through the bank transfer link on the same page.

Ramadan Iftar Guide

Please note: By organizing an event or activity you are not entering into any contractual arrangement with UNRWA. The information provided on this site is publicly available and compiled for ease of use. You are responsible for organizing and funding each event or activity and UNRWA cannot pay for any costs incurred. These costs need to be covered by you. Perhaps you could ask a local business to sponsor you to cover costs.

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