Bank of Palestine

UNRWA Summer Games in Gaza Strip. © 2011 UNRWA photo by Iyad Baba
UNRWA Summer Games in Gaza Strip. © 2011 UNRWA photo by Iyad Baba

For decades, the Bank of Palestine has supported UNRWA through event sponsorships and other contributions. In 2012, the Bank signed a partnership agreement to provide emergency relief to Palestine refugees in Gaza and Syria. With a contribution of US$ 100,000 in January 2014, the Bank of Palestine stepped in to assist UNRWA with the provision of essential and vital supplies to the suffering population stuck inside Yarmouk. Similar emergency support was provided during the 2014 summer hostilities in Gaza. 

The most visible project that Bank of Palestine supports is the UNRWA Gaza Summer Fun Weeks, which provides a much-needed safe and fun space for schoolchildren to play. The Bank of Palestine also supports the annual 5 km run in support of Gaza, which is organized by our national committee, UNRWA USA. 

“Supporting UNRWA’s work to provide services and protection to Palestine refugees is a natural priority of the Bank.” – Hashim Shawa, Chairman and General Manager of the Bank of Palestine

Established in 1960, Bank of Palestine (BoP) is the first and largest Palestinian bank with the largest branch network in Palestine and 1,100 employees serving over 500,000 customers. The Bank is also a strategic partner in the Agency’s relief work.