Why partner?

UNRWA’s expansive services and the longevity of our assistance mean that UNRWA has an especially meaningful capacity to change the life of an individual. Every day UNRWA is engaged in determined work to help give each Palestine refugee the right of protection and the opportunity of a better life.

A partnership with UNRWA is an opportunity to showcase shared values and collective humanitarian leadership in addressing the plight of a long-standing refugee population. In the area of humanitarian assistance, where quality is so hard to attain, UNRWA stands out as a trusted partner with an enviable mechanism for the delivery of life-saving, critical and essential operations related to cash and food assistance, protection, critical medical support and emergency relief in complex and sometimes dangerous circumstances.

Protection and hope are at the heart of our mission to foster enduring dignity and self-sufficiency for the refugees that we serve as well as to promote stability in an unstable region.  Our challenges are far broader and future opportunities for partnership more numerous than we can explain in any brief presentation. We pledge to stakeholders the maximum visibility and recognition as part of any future partnership, but most importantly the expectation that together, we can succeed in giving every Palestine refugee the basic right of protection and the opportunity to enjoy a better life.