2016 EU-UNRWA Photo Competition for Palestine Refugee Youth

© 2015 Photo by Hassan Hosni al-Jadi

The first-place photo from the 2015 EU-UNRWA Photo Competition portrays the tragic situation of people in the Gaza Strip after the 2014 conflict. Abraham, a young child from a family of five, lives at Nada Towers in Beit Hanoun, which was bombed during the recent conflict. This photo was taken a few months after the hostilities and shows Abraham playing amid the rubble. © 2015 Photo by Hassan Hosni al-Jadi


In a world with a limited attention span and an overload of information, the complexities and diversity of Palestinian identity and experience often get ignored in favour of oversimplified stereotypes. This year’s EU-UNRWA photo competition, ‘Breaking Down Stereotypes’, invites Palestine refugee youth to challenge these notions through photography. It calls on participants to consider the stereotypes they see in the media and public discourse about Palestine refugees – on a global, regional or local scale – and creatively showcase how these do not always reflect reality.

This year’s photo competition is rooted in the firm belief that Palestine refugees are the best advocates of their own experiences to challenge such misperceptions – that Palestine refugees are not victims, but indeed actors of their own destiny.

This year, break down the stereotypes and show the world what it truly means to be a Palestine refugee.

Entry Rules

  • The competition is open to all Palestine refugees aged 16-29.
  • Submitted photos must be recent (since the beginning of this year).
  • Submissions must be the participant's own photographs.
  • Participants agree to grant UNRWA the rights to publish and reproduce their photographs online, in print, as part of exhibitions, and in other publications.
  • The deadline for entry is Monday, 24 October 2015 at 11:59 p.m.  No entries will be accepted thereafter

  • Photos should adhere to the following specifications:
    • Minimum resolution of 150 DPI (300 DPI preferred)
    • Maximum file size of 10 MB
  • Photos will be judged by a panel comprised of representatives from UNRWA and the European Union, as well as professional Palestinian photographers.
  • Gift prizes will be awarded to:
    • First-Place Winner
    • Second-Place Winner
    • Third-Place Winner
    • People’s Choice
    • EU Honorary Award Selection
  • Winning photographs will be exhibited at a special ceremony.

PLEASE SUBMIT PHOTOS TO THE PHOTO COMPETITION USING THE FORM BELOW. *Please email [email protected] if you encounter any technical difficulties.

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The 2016 EU-UNRWA Photo Competition for Palestine Refugee Youth is made possible through generous funding from the European Union.