The UNRWA Central Support Services Division (CSSD) is responsible for the procurement, distribution and provision of all food, goods and services required to support over four million Palestine refugees in all of our areas of operation.

UNRWA CSSD is based at the Agency's headquarters in Amman and in each UNRWA field office in Gaza, West Bank, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon.

CSSD provides Palestine refugees with high-standard goods and services, while striving to achieve the best value for the money UNRWA receives from its donors. In support of this aim, the UNRWA procurement process is transparent, fair and in line with general UN procurement practices.

Frequently procured goods and services

UNRWA regularly procures:

  • school textbooks
  • maintenance services
  • pharmaceuticals and drugs
  • consultancies and professional services
  • equipment (such as medical and lab, ICT, transport etc)
  • basic commodities including flour, rice, sugar, powdered milk and canned meat

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