Procurement Policy

UNRWA uses competitive bidding to meet its procurement requirements, taking into consideration the "value for money" principle.

That means that offers/bids are selected which represent the optimum combination of factors such as appropriate quality, life cycle costs and other parameters to best meet the Agency’s defined needs.

This is not necessarily the same as selecting the lowest initial price option, but is based on an integrated assessment of technical, organisational, and pricing factors in light of their relative importance.

UNRWA strives to obtain the best value for money through careful consideration of the following guidelines:

  • maximisation of competition
  • minimising the complexity of the tender process
  • impartial and comprehensive evaluation of offers/bids in a timely manner
  • careful establishment of evaluation criteria (in order to select the offer with the highest expectation to meet user needs, in accordance with the evaluation parameters set forth in the tender documents).