Procurement FAQs

How can I register as a supplier to UNRWA?
Fill out and submit the contact form for suppliers with a brief summary of your product/service range, so that we can determine if your company supplies products/services which we buy. You will be sent a company profile form with all the information on requirements for registration.
I am a supplier. How can I send my feedback to UNRWA?
Please fill in our supplier feedback form
Where can I find information on requests for bids or proposals?
Read our procurement policy.
I have been approved as a vendor, but I have never been invited to bid.
This may be because the product or service you offer is rarely required, and we simply haven't needed to buy yet.
Are UNRWA purchases tax/duty free?
As a UN agency, UNRWA is pursuant to the 1946 convention on the Privileges and Immunities of the United Nations. This means it is exempt from customs duties and is usually exempt from excise duties and taxes.
I heard there is a bid going on for "xyz" product or service. I want to participate. Whom shall I contact?
You are encouraged to contact the Central Support Services Division. Please note that you will still need to undertake the registration process before your firm would be considered.
As a US firm, should my company quote be based on the GSA contract?
The UN seeks the lowest price you can offer, which may not necessarily be that of the GSA contract.
We are producers/manufacturers of "xyz". Can we invite UNRWA to attend when we hold demonstrations in our country?
The Central Support Services Division does not normally make specific visits to individual companies. However, the UN system regularly organises business seminars that include visits to select industries. Future locations of such seminars will be placed on this site.
Could you give me names of people from UNRWA who are in charge of supplies (e.g. computers, office supplies, etc.)?
You will be advised of the appropriate contacts for your products/services when your registration has been completed.
We have a new product that we believe UNRWA should know about. Whom should we talk to?
You will be advised of the appropriate contacts to your products/services when your registration has been completed.
How much is the minimum fixed assets - net worth required to qualify as a supplier to the UN?
This depends on the value of the supply/service for which you are hoping to be considered.
Does the Central Support Services Division conduct purchases for the whole UN system?
No. The Central Support Services Division procures only for UNRWA and its Field Offices. The Field Offices also have delegated authorities to carry out their own local procurement up to established financial limits. Purchases beyond these limits are conducted by the The Central Support Services Division in Headquarters, Amman. Other UN agencies, funds, and programmes carry out their own procurement activities within their own established rules.
Does this mean that I have to contact each agency, fund, and programme individually?
You may register with the UN Global Marketplace which is accessible by all participating UN agencies, funds, and programmes. However, we also recommend direct contacts if possible.
I am going to visit you. Can the UNRWA give me a business visa?
We are not authorised to issue visas.
How does UNRWA pay suppliers?
UNRWA normally pays to the supplier on the basis of net 45 days upon receipt of invoice and delivery of goods or performance of contractual services, whichever is later. Advance payments (such as for subscriptions) and progress payments prior to delivery of goods or performance of contractual services ordered, may be approved on an exceptional basis at the discretion of UNRWA, if such payments are required pursuant to normal commercial practice or considered to be in the interest of the UNRWA. UNRWA does not issue letters of credit.
Does UNRWA require performance guarantees?
UNRWA may require a successful contractor to furnish performance bonds in UNRWA standard format or similar forms of guarantee. The amount of performance bonds/guarantees will vary depending on the nature of the requirements. For example, in case of construction contracts, UNRWA calls for performance bonds and labour and material bonds in sums equal to the total contract price. UNRWA may also include a liquidated damage clause in its contractual documents in case adherence to the schedule of delivery of goods or performance of contractual services is critical to meet the Agency’s requirements.
Please tell me more about UNRWA's environmental policies
UNRWA supports the UN Global Compact Initiative. It brings companies together with UN agencies, labour and civil society to support ten principles in the areas of the environment, human rights, labour and anti-corruption. We include environmental factors in our pre-qualification criteria for approval of suppliers, and even in our tendering and tender evaluation process. As part of the supplier registration process, we request that our potential suppliers fill in and submit our environmental management questionnaire (also available in PDF or Word) as part of the process.