UNRWA maintains a register of approved suppliers for the items procured on a regular basis. 

Companies willing to do business with UNRWA must apply to the register. UNRWA only enters into contract with approved suppliers. 

New suppliers are added to the register after investigation of suitability. Investigations include, but are not limited to, consulting the UNGM website, which provides information on suppliers’ previous registration and performance evaluation.


Each investigation involves consideration of several factors such as:

  • track record
  • core business
  • contract capacity
  • financial standing.

This may then be followed by supplier performance evaluation which may contain the following components, where applicable:

  • timely delivery
  • dependability of products and services
  • periodic testing of the supplier's products
  • ability to respond quickly to Agency's needs.


After completing the supplier contact form, you will be sent a company profile form. It contains all the information on requirements for registration if your product range is suitable for any of the Agency's programmes.

Environmental management

The form includes an environmental management questionnaire.

UNRWA supports the UN Global Compact Initiative and encourages our suppliers to sign up. It brings together companies and UN agencies, labour and civil society to support ten principles in the areas of human rights, labour, the environment, and anti-corruption. 

We have included environmental factors in our supplier pre-qualification criteria, and in our tendering and tender evaluation process.

United Nations Global Marketplace

Companies may also register through the United Nations Global Marketplace, a supplier database available to UNRWA and other UN agencies.

UN supplier code of conduct

UNRWA vendors and all sub-contractors are required to abide by the UN Supplier Code of Conduct

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