Procurement notices

The Central Support Services Division's annual purchases are in excess of US$184 million and include procurement of goods, services, and construction contracts.

If you are not registered on our Approved List of Suppliers and wish to be considered as a supplier, register now.

Message on In-tend to all Vendors

Dear vendor,

As part of the electronic agenda to reduce manual transactions, and increase efficiency in the procurement processes, UNRWA will be launching a new E-Procurement system on the 22nd May 2016. In-tend is an Internet-based e-procurement system, that covers tendering, contract management, reverse auction, supplier management and performance dashboards. The e-procurement system is linked to UNGM, the main portal for the registration of suppliers that want to do business with UN organizations.  As a requirement, all vendors interested in doing business with UNRWA, have to be registered on UNGM, that gives them access to the In-tend portal for participation in UNRWA’s tenders and other procurement opportunities.

For those vendors who are interested in doing business with UNRWA but still not yet registered on UNGM, please complete your registration on UNGM before 22 May 2016, to enable your company to access UNRWA tenders thereafter. The guidelines on how to register with UNRWA on UNGM is attached for your attention, (pages 1 to 5).

For those vendors who are already registered with UNRWA on UNGM, they will be able to access UNRWA tenders and other procurement opportunities (Expression of Interests, Invitation to Bids, Request for Proposals, Request for Quotations and Reverse Auctions etc.), through the In-tend e-procurement system from the 22nd May 2016. Please find attached the guidelines on how to access UNRWA tenders on UNGM (pages 6 to 12).

Please note that with the introduction of the In-tend E-Procurement System via the UNGM Portal, UNRWA will no longer be accepting bid submissions through email boxes or bid boxes as before. Vendors will be given specific instructions wherein there are exceptional cases for bid submissions through email boxes, bid boxes, or by hand.

Important Note to bidder in case of contract award:

Further to UNRWA's contractual commitments to donors, the Agency will publish the following information online with regards to the procurement contract awarded to you:

  • Title of the contract/project,
  • Nature and purpose of the contract/project,
  • Your name and address and amount of the contract/project.

If you have substantial concerns that publication of this information would harm your rights or interests, please inform UNRWA via e-mail to within three days from UNRWA’s confirmation of the contract award. If no response is received it will be assumed that your company has no objection to publish the contract details online.

Publish date 10th June 2019
Issuing location UNRWA, HQ Amman
Ref. no. Request For Information No. CSSD/2019/029
Type Food Commodities
Title 2019 Request for information for the procurement of food commodities in support of UNRWA's operations
RFI Closure 09th September 2019

Publish date 07 August  2019
Issuing location Procurement & Logistics Department, UNRWA – West Bank Field Office
Ref. no. CPC/WB/ICIP/0022/0/19
Type Reconstruction work: Scope of work: Reconstruction of Nurshams Health Center and Camp Services Office including demolishing of old buildings and reconstruction of new HC&CSO buildings (Main buildings, external works, electrical, mechanical works and temporary HC).
All works to be according to tender documents.
Title Reconstruction of Nurshams Health Center & Camp Services Office- Nablus Area
Annexes Annex A, B and C | Annex D | Annex E-1 D1 | Annex E-1 D2 | Annex E-1 D3 | Annex E-1 D4 CSO | Annex E-1 D4 HC | Annex E-1 D5 | Annex E-1 D6 | Annex E-1 D7 | Annex E-1 D8 | Annex E-1 D9 | Annex E2 | Annex E3 | Annex E4 | Annex E5 | Annex F | Annex G | Annex H | Annex I | Annex J | Annex K
N.B. “Eligible contractors who can participate in this tender: Contractors who are registered with Palestinian Contractor's Union (PCU) and has National Committee of contractors’ classification ( NCC certificate) as categories First and Second Building”
Tender Closure 02 September 2019 at 11:00 A.M. Jerusalem time.