Procurement notices

UNRWA publishes its procurement opportunities (Invitations To Bid - ITBs, Requests For Proposals - RFPs, Requests For Information – RFIs, calls for Expressions of interest – EOI) for various goods, services and construction projects on the United Nations Global Marketplace (UNGM) website.

Vendors interested in these business opportunities are required to directly register on the UNGM website following the instructions under this link.

UNRWA may, at any stage of the procurement process, request additional documentation to assess prospective Vendor's capacity to perform.


usE OF E-tendering (In-Tend)

For part of its procurement opportunities, UNRWA uses an e-tendering solution (In-Tend) integrated with UNGM. These opportunities are only available to Vendors registered in UNGM, either with UNRWA or with any another UN Entity using the same system. Bids may only be submitted directly through the portal, in accordance with the instructions included in the solicitation documents.

Further guidance on electronic offers submission can be found on this UNGM link.



Further to UNRWA's contractual commitments to Donors, the Agency will publish the following information on UNRWA website under this link with regards to the procurement awards which aggregate quarterly value exceeds $100’000 to one Vendor, including:

  • Title of the contract/project,
  • Nature and purpose of the contract/project,
  • Awarded Vendor/s name and address,
  • Amount of the award.

If you have substantial concerns that publication of this information would harm your rights or interests, please notify UNRWA via e-mail to Show Email ( within three days from UNRWA’s confirmation of the contract award. If no notification is received within the above time limit, it will be assumed that you have no objection to the online publication of the contract details.

Publish date 30 September 2020
Issuing location Amman, Jordan
Ref. no. ITB/UNRWA/CSSD/DM/39/2020
Type Service
Title Provision of fire and third party liability insurance coverage to UNRWA
Tender Closure 26 October 2020

Publish date 29.09.2020
Issuing location LFO-PLD Goods
Ref. no. ITB# 3420000256
Title Personal Protective Equipment – PPE’s | Annex A | Annex B | Annex C
Offer Submission Offers to be sent directly to the under listed e-mail account:
Or By Hand to the tender box available at LFO,  Procurement & Logistics Department, Beirut, Bir Hasan, Facing Sportive City.
Queries and clarifications Questions and requests for clarification to be sent directly to under listed e-mail account:
Tender Closure Monday 12 October 2020 at 12:00 noon local Beirut Time

Publish date 23-September-2020
Issuing location UNRWA-SFO
Ref. no. ITB-SFO.NFI.20.39
Type Goods
Title To establish Purchase order for purchasing of Laboratory Supplies | Technical Bid Form | Finance Bid Form
Tender Closure 05-October-2020 at 13:00 (GMT +3.00)