Al Shuraka 9

April –July 2012

Read in this edition: 

  1. SFD increases support to homeless refugees in Rafah, page 2
  2. Saudi Committee donates for food for the poorest in Gaza, page 2
  3. Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan foundation adopts school in Beit Lahia for another year, page 3
  4. UAERC makes 2 food donations for Gaza refugees, page 4
  5. Kuwait Red Crescent supports Gaza refugees with food during Ramdan, page 4
  6. Islamic Development Bank helps young refuges get trained for the workforce, page 8
  7. UNRWA delegation meets top Turkish officials in Ankara, page 9
  8. UNRWA bestows special honour on OFID Director-General in Vienna, page 10
  9. Urgent appeal to support Palestine refugees in Syria, page 13
  10. A special feature report on the UNRWA Brussels conference: Engaging Youth, page 5
Al Shuraka 9