Employment in Lebanon

Saturday, January 1, 2011

In Lebanon, restrictions imposed on Palestine refugees in relation to their right to work discourage young people and many of those of working age from continuing their education or seeking a job. 56% of refugees of working age are jobless, more than half of whom live in South Lebanon. Women are significantly more likely to be unemployed than men. Those with a job are often in low status, casual and precarious employment, insufficient to lift them out of poverty. 

On 17 August 2010, the Lebanese Parliament approved legal amendments granting certain rights to Palestine refugees registered and residing in Lebanon, including the issuance, free of charge, of work permits and the provision of end of service benefits through the Lebanese Social Security Fund.

While these legal amendments constituted an important step towards the right to work, they have yet to be put into legal effect. Furthermore, this legislation does not address the fact that Palestine refugees remain barred from practicing in over 30 syndicated professions. In this context, the absence of employment opportunities and decent jobs means that Palestine refugees continue to experience great hardship.

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