Working with Arab Host Countries and Donors

Thursday, January 1, 2009

For 60 years, UNRWA has worked in close partnership with Arab host and donor countries to cope with the human consequences of the flight of Palestinians from their homes in Palestine – the dislocation, the frustration, the anguish and the pain, but also the resilience, the fortitude and often the achievement against odds, especially in the areas of education, primary health care, humanitarian relief and human development. The purpose of this booklet is to highlight some aspects of Arab-UNRWA cooperation, the extent and importance of which is often not fully recognized.

The host countries – Jordan, Syria and Lebanon – and the Palestinian Authority have shouldered and continue to bear enormous burdens which entail political and economic sacrifices. No mathematical calculation can do justice to this contribution.

Arab donor countries have also given generously, especially in furnishing support to UNRWA’s humanitarian response to armed conflict and other emergency situations - funding camp construction and repair projects in Lebanon and the occupied Palestinian territory, particularly in the aftermath of armed attacks that cause large scale devastation.

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