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15 September 2015
Al Shuraka 9
01 January 2012
April –July 2012 Read in this edition: SFD increases support to homeless refugees in Rafah, page 2 Saudi Committee donates for food for the poorest in Gaza, page 2 Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan foundation adopts school in Beit Lahia for another year, page 3 UAERC makes 2 food...
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01 January 2012
Inclusive education is UNRWA’s approach for ensuring that all Palestine refugee children, regardless of gender, abilities, disabilities, socio-economic status, health, and psychosocial needs have equal opportunity for learning in UNRWA schools and are supported to develop...
01 January 2012
Read in this issue: UNRWA Keynote at DIHAD Conference and Exhibition (2012) Improving Teaching Quality and Transforming Classroom Practices Meeting with CFEP (Jordan Field), Dr Mohammad Tarakhan Teachers Make a Profound Difference Analysis and Quality Implementation...
Education Department newsletter, Issue 3
01 January 2012
January 2012
 UNRWA in Figures
01 January 2012
UNRWA in Figures provides general information on number of Palestine refugees, camps, UNRWA beneficiaries and funding situation. Figures are accurate as of 1 January 2012. Not an official document.