© 2014 UNRWA Photo by Alaa Ghosheh
15 September 2015
01 January 2011
Today, almost two-thirds of registered Palestine refugees live in 12 refugee camps across the country. The original boundaries of these camps remain identical to their establishment over 60 years ago. The fact that the camps have not been enlarged to cope with population...
Protection of rights in Lebanon
01 January 2011
UNRWA’s protection programme which was established in Lebanon at the end of 2009 is implemented by a Protection Officer and Operations Support Officers in all areas of Lebanon. The protection approach of UNRWA is threefold: Ensuring that protection needs are addressed in...
© 2014 UNRWA Photo
01 January 2011
Following the destruction of Nahr el-Bared Camp in 2007, the homes, commercial properties and NGO and community facilities of the Palestinian community were left in ruins. The UNRWA Compound housing the Agency’s health clinic, schools and relief office, was also completely...
© UNRWA Photo
01 January 2011
In Lebanon, restrictions imposed on Palestine refugees in relation to their right to work discourage young people and many of those of working age from continuing their education or seeking a job. 56% of refugees of working age are jobless, more than half of whom live in...
Education in Lebanon
01 January 2011
UNRWA in Lebanon, in contrast to UNRWA’s other field offices, provides not only primary education but also secondary education and, to a lesser extent, supports access to university education through specific donor funding. Despite high enrolment rates at the primary level...