Evaluation of the Organizational Structure in Lebanon Field Office

Friday, May 30, 2014

In early October, the Lebanon Field Office (LFO) initiated a query to the UNRWA Headquarters Evaluation Division within the Department of Oversight Services (DIOS) to ask for assistance to evaluate the LFO organizational structure and make recommendations to better align its resources. The DIOS Evaluation Division responded positively to that request. The LFO, with an evolved structure, has expanded as a function of arising needs.

The LFO Director of UNRWA Affaires (DUA), the Acting Deputy Director of UNRWA Affaires for Support (A/D/DUA/S) and the Deputy Director of UNRWA Affaires for Programmes (D/DUA/P) have raised specific issues that will be addressed.

Palestine refugees sharing housing in Lebanon © Mahmoud Khair / UNRWA Archives