Final Evaluation of MADAD III Support in Lebanon and Jordan

Saturday, April 15, 2023

“Funded by the EU Regional Trust Fund in Response to the Syria Crisis, Joradn and Lebanon Fields implemented the MADAD III project between January 2020 and June 2022. This evaluation was managed by the Jordan Field Office, conducted by IOD PARC, and constituted the final evaluation focused on the Agency’s work related to the MADAD project which was implemented between 2016 and 2022. In Jordan, the main focus of the project has been on supporting PRS to meet their basic needs through cash assistance and on responding to the protection needs of PRS.  In Lebanon, the MADAD III project supports PRS to meet their basic needs through cash assistance, as well as access to basic education, primary health, and protection services. This evaluation constitutes the final evaluation of UNRWA’s MADAD III project. It also includes a meta-synthesis of the midterm and final evaluation of MADAD I (which covered Lebanon only), the final evaluation of MADAD II and the midterm evaluation of MADAD III.”

A student celebrates completion of a mural in UNRWA's Al Ashrafieh Girls School. Photo by Omar Shawish at Amman, Jordan.