Joint evaluation and audit of the unrwa gender equality strategy 2016-2022

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

UNRWA launched its Gender Equality Strategy 2016-2022 (GES) in 2015 to make organizational culture, practices, and programme implementation more gender sensitive. It involves a dual-track approach to mainstreaming gender at both organizational and programmatic levels. To examine the GES objectives, design, implementation, and results, the Department of Internal Oversight Services (DIOS) conducted a joint evaluation and audit. A key aim of the assessment was to provide input into the development of the Agency’s 2023-2028 gender strategy by capturing lessons from the implementation of the GES.

The review found the dual focus of the Strategy on strengthening institutional practices and achieving gender equality results to be important to the Agency’s work and needs of its staff. It highlighted critical challenges of limited ownership, inadequate organizational arrangements, capacity, and an accountability framework for the Strategy’s implementation. Despite these challenges, the review notes substantial contributions made by UNRWA towards gender equality in programmes and highlights potential opportunities for the Agency through inter-agency collaboration.

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Displaced children from Ein El-Hilweh camp seek refuge in Nablus School Emergency Shelter in Sidon, Lebanon. Photo by Maysoun Mustafa