Lebanon Flash Appeal 2006

Sunday, January 1, 2006

The Palestine refugees in Lebanon are severely affected by the devastating conflict, as a result of the violence they endure and their socio-economic vulnerability prior to the outbreak of hostilities. People have fled the UNRWA camps in the south away from the fighting and the nearby attacks from the air. Those who have remained in the camps are now trapped there. The Agency’s resources are strained in a situation where Palestine refugees arrive with no more than the clothes they are wearing, at UNRWA installations in safer parts of the country.

Food insecurity is already affecting the Palestine refugees. The Agency calculates that it needs 1,290,000 USD to deliver immediate food aid. This amount would pay for the delivery of 5,000 food parcels to around 25,000 displaced persons, mostly Palestine refugees but also around 2,800 Lebanese citizens taking temporary shelter at UNRWA schools. It would also cover the distribution of 30,000 food parcels to 150,000 war affected Palestine refugees all over the country.

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