Lebanon flash appeal 2007 progress report

Monday, January 1, 2007

On 4 June 2007 UNRWA launched a Flash Appeal for US $12.7 million to address the urgent needs of thousands of displaced Palestine refugees and their host families. So far the response of the international community has been very generous and some US $17,000,000 was been pledged.

UNRWA is the lead agency in coordinating and implementing the activities related to the present crisis in northern Lebanon. The current conflict has imposed upon UNRWA an emergency situation requiring urgent action while UNRWA continues regular operations to serve hundreds of thousands of Palestine refugees. This has caused an added strain on UNRWA resources and staff, therefore the Agency is in the process of augmenting its human resources to assist with the emergency operations.

The Flash Appeal enabled the Agency to cater to the immediate needs of the displaced Palestine refugees, in close cooperation with other UN Agencies and with the support of the Lebanese Government. The Flash Appeal represented an assessment of the cost of delivering assistance to the displaced over a three month period (June-August 2007). It included plans for immediate food and non-food assistance and to ensure suitable temporary shelters and safeguard minimum living standards for the displaced.

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