oPt emergency appeal 2011

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Under its emergency operations during 2011, UNRWA plans to enhance its monitoring, reporting and advocacy activities in respect of refugee rights as well as providing mental health services – at both an individual and community level – to ameliorate the distress caused by violence, closures, loss of dignity and extreme hardship. It will also provide mobile outreach services to those in isolated communities or those exposed to particular insecurity around the Barrier, in Area C and in East Jerusalem.

UNRWA is also seeking the funds to allow it to maintain a modicum of additional staff and resources at the field and HQ level required to implement its emergency operations without depleting the quality and reach of its core human development and assistance programmes. The Agency will seek to improve its capacity for the coordination and management of its emergency responses while investing in the programme planning tools and systems that allow it to adapt to the changing nature of the humanitarian crisis.